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This weekend at St Mary of Egypt (August 29 & 30)

Saturday August 29  Great Vespers cancelled

Sunday August 30 Matins 8:50am, Divine Liturgy 10am with Fr Gabriel Monforte serving. 

Please let me or Bobbi know if you plan to attend on Sunday. 

As you saw last Sunday, the seating in the Nave has been rearranged so the choir can be on one side together.  We continue to keep our safe distancing (6 ft apart).  Masks are also required except when receiving communion. Bobbi seats people upon arrival.  Overflow seating is in the Fellowship Hall and Narthax as well.  We had 34 people total last Sunday while maintaining the safe distancing and could have seated more. 

Looking ahead in September. 

1. Starting Saturday September 12, Father Athanasius will be  having Great Vespers on Saturdays at 5pm and hearing confession.  You  can also call him to schedule a time for confession if you are not available after Vespers on Saturdays.

2.  Feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos is Tuesday September 8.  Father Athanasius will serve the Liturgy that day at 10am.  Please note the time and for those of you not working please make an effort to come.   

Other News from St Mary of Egypt

Outreach to ISOM Elementary School: Now that school is back in session, Eve will be delivering our canned goods and nonperishables each Tuesday to the school.  The school will distribute the food to needy families. .  You can bring your donated food to church on Sundays and place them in the basket in the Narthex. If you are bringing a large quantity of food you can also place it in the Bible Study classroom.  That is where the food to be blessed is kept.   Please check that the items you bring are not expired and that the cans are not dented. Thank you

Horizon House: Kendra heads this outreach.  Horizon House is a place where the homeless can go for different needs and services.  They also provide clothes and supplies as well as showers and bathrooms, laundry, food, mail.. Below is a comprehensive list of needs they have at Horizon House.  You can place donated items on the table at the end of the hallway by the Bible Study classroom.  The needs are many.

In Christ’s Love


Highlighted Needs for Horizon House

Emergency items

· No-touch thermometer 

· Gloves 

· Clorox wipes 

· Lysol spray 

· Outreach food kits 

· Bottled water  For those in our Housing Program:

· Housing Food Kits (Example: pasta/spaghetti/noodles, pasta sauce, ramen noodles, cans of soup, cans of vegetables, cans of chili, packages of tuna, peanut butter) Cans that do not require a can opener are preferable

· Toilet paper and paper towels 

· Multipurpose cleaner, Clorox wipes 

· Mop and broom 

· Dish soap and sponge 

· Laundry detergent 

· Toilet bowl cleaner and brush 

· Trash bags and trash can with lid 

· Household items to help someone get started in their new home: dish sets, pots and pans, can openers, silverware, dish towels, towels, shower curtains, sheet sets (labeled), blankets and pillows, decorative pillows, curtains. Gently used and without stains

· Large sized hygiene items: shampoo/conditioner, body wash, soap, toothpaste, etc   For those in our Family Program:

· Diapers (sizes will vary) and wipes 

· Strollers 

· Gentle used toy 

· Cribs, mattresses, toddler beds, bedding (sizes and needs will vary) 

· School uniforms 

· Clothing (sizes will vary) 

· Art materials for all ages (construction paper, crayons, scissors, glue sticks, multi-colored pipe cleaners)  Kitchen 

· Peanut butter 

· 1 can of Vienna sausages 

· 1 cup of diced fruit 

· 1 package of peanut butter crackers 

· 1 granola/protein bar 

· 1 bottle of water 

· Ziplock sandwich bags 

· Ziplock 1 Gallon bags  Cleaning Supplies (for onsite use) 

· Hand sanitizer 

· Clorox wipes 

· Bleach 

· Disposable gloves  Hygiene Items 

· Travel size deodorant 

· Travel size shampoo and conditioner 

· Travel size soap 

· Twin blade disposable razors 

· Chapstick 

· Washcloths  Clothing 

· White socks for men and women 

· Men’s khaki pants, black pants, and jeans 

· Men’s 2X or larger shirts (shirts and sweatshirts)  

· Men’s long sleeve dress shirts: solid colors 

· Men’s belts 

· Women’s pants & blouses 

· Backpacks  Winter Items 

· Blankets 

· Winter coats in all adult sizes (especially XL and larger) 

· Warm winter hats & scarves 

· Heavy gloves 

· Thermal socks 

· Thermal tops & bottoms 

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