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Some Updates Concerning The Parish

Here are some points I want to update everyone about

1. We continue to follow the guidelines from the Archdiocese regarding social distancing and wearing masks. Bobbi and I coordinate the list of those who we know are coming each week and seats are rearranged as needed to accommodate 3 together or 2 together. This is why it is good to have an idea of who is coming. There is tape on the chairs that are available for sitting. Please follow Bobbi’s lead as to where to sit. Our parishioners have appreciated the precautions and care we are taking in following the guidelines and are coming more regularly. Thanks be to God.

2.  Since we do not have Coffee Hour and Food on Sundays I have put the dumpster on hold so there will not be regular pickups every other week. The little trash that is gathered weekly is being taken home.  Hence I have taken the dumpster key off the key holder.

3.  I have changed our PayPal account.  It is a new account and will  only be used if I am buying things for church like icons,...  We will no longer have the option of receiving money for offering via PayPal. We had not used that at all 2020 due to the fee they charge with each transaction.

4. There will not be fundraisers this year. The festival is cancelled for 2020 and there will not be a bake sale.  But there is so much we can do to organize and get ready for future events.  The storage room needs organization; there is a lot to be done in the basement too. Maybe we can schedule some Saturday work days this Fall. 

In Christ’s Love,


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