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Message from Fr. Athanasius

My beloved family in Christ, It has been some time since I have written to you, please know that you are in my heart and prayers to our merciful Lord that he will kepp all of you safe from this current  Pandemic and that you will find ways to cope with this abnormal life we are now living,  I am so pleased and blessed during this time to have so many coworkers in Christ.  Amal has been invaluable to me in keeping all of you up to date, and all the other unsung things that she does.  I thank God for her dedication and love for all of us shown in her untiring work on behalf of the church.  I thank Sbdn.Mark for serving with me without fail during each liturgy,  for baking the bread for us that will become the body and blood of Christ and for continuing to Zoom Sunday and Wednesday classes for those interested. I thank Charles and Kendra for whom on alternating Sundays have chanted  as well as sing in the choir..Also,Bobbie for keeping the church clean and decorating it so beautifully during this past Pascha season.. I thank Kosta for setting up and streaming the Sunday liturgies, as well as other services. 

    Now for all of you I am thankful and I hope you will, if you have any additional time enrich your souls by observing the beauty of God's creation, walking outside (if it isn't raining) spending some time in conversation with the Lord and his saints.  I hope and pray for the Catechumens who have started on their path to baptism and/or chrismation that you remain steadfast and not be drawn away by this disruption in your lives because of our lack of our being present face to face yo encourage you..

    Though I have faith in all of you and your love for Christ and each other, I encourage you to attend the Divine Liturgy.  We have had no one come to sit in the Social Hall even though there is room.  Some are  not attending after attending once so that others might attend..  As it stands now, there should be room.  Please remember those who suffer pain and/or illness in our parish and world.  May the Lord's peace and grace be with all of you.

Much love in Christ,

Fr. Athanasius

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