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How can I help get information to each of you?

Christ is Risen! 

As I chatted with a dear friend this evening I suddenly realized that not everyone is able to open the attachments that have emailed the last few weeks. Then I remembered that one of our parishioners doesn't even have a computer.  So I started on a mission of going through the church emails from 3rd week in Lent till present and printing bulletins, and Pascha letters from his Eminence Metropolitan JOSEPH and his Grace  Bishop ANTHONY.....  I even looked up the life of St Mary of Egypt and printed it. 

My question is, is there anyone in the parish who is unable to open attachments?  please let me know.  We need to stay connected.  How can I help get the information to each of you?? 

Here is the Paschal greeting in various languages:

English:         Christ is Risen!  Truly He is Risen! Arabic:          Maseeh Qam! Haqan Qam! Greek:           Kristos Anesti! Alithos Anesti! Romanian:    Kristos A Inviat! Adeverat a Inviat! Slavonic:        Kristos Voskresey! Voyistino Voskresey!

God bless you

In Christ's love


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