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Holy Paschal Journey Information

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Holy Paschal Journey

April 17-19, 2020

My beloved family in Christ, when our Lord was about to leave his disciples he told them that when their beloved Lord would no longer be with them, that they would have sorrow.  Speaking for myself, this week has been one of sorrow because we are not together, though you are always in my heart,  and yet it also is one of joy looking forward to Holy Pascha.  As the Lord said after his message of sadness, "I will see you again," and on that day "no one will take away your joy."  (John 16:22) When I think of the time when the present restrictions are lifted, and we can all see each other once again face to face, how full our hearts will be with joy.  I know many of you have watched the streamed services.  Tomorrow night we will celebrate His resurrection, the time he spoke of when his disciples' hearts would be turned from grief to joy.  Stay up with us as we sing with tears in our eyes, as we are not all together, but joy in our hearts, because "Christ is risen!"

Missing you.

Fr. Athanasius

Schedule of Services

Friday, April 17           Good Friday Vespers with the Un-nailing of Christ at 3 p.m.

Friday, April 17           Holy Saturday Matins with the Lamentations at 6:30 p.m.

For the text and music of the Lamentations, please see:


Saturday, April 18       Harrowing of Hades Liturgy at 10 a.m.

For Divine Liturgy Variables, please see attached .pdf

Saturday, April 18       Rush/Matins/Paschal Liturgy  at 10 p.m.

For Divine Liturgy Variables, please see attached .pdf

Parish Prayer Requests:

LIVING: Priest Andre, Priest Gabriel, Priest Anthony, Priest Christopher, Shaun, Dylan, Marilyn, Ellen, Zacharias Stant & Family, Dustin, Larry, Catherine, Tatiana, Gwendolen & Keith, Andria, Nikolaus, Thomas, Jeff, Crystal, Kian & Family, Reggie, Demetrios & Joanna, Robert & Bonnie, Tommy, Mary & Zorah, Lee, David, Brian & Joy, Erin, Garret, Carl & Becky, Carolyn, Sherri, Denise, Roger, Khalil Saba & Family, Christopher, Sergei, Pam, Jill, Nina, Konstantin, Andrew, Elizabeth, Gretchen, Dan, Patty, Christine, Brandi, Desiree, Evgeni, Gleb, 

Anastasia, Billy, Travis, all healthcare workers who are on the front lines of dealing with COVID-19, and those families who have loved ones ill from this disease and those who have lost loved ones.

Our parish catechumen: Joel and Patrick

NEWLY DEPARTED: Matthew and Virginia

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