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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Word of Life

According to the Orthodox teaching originating in Jesus Christ and continued through his Apostles, life is never to be found in any place else but Jesus Christ. All else only gives a temporal satisfaction. When our Lord was told by one man that he wanted to follow him, but first he had to bury his father, Jesus said, "Let the dead bury the dead. Come follow me."

As the Lord warned Adam and Eve that they would die if they ate of the experience of Good and evil, he so spoke of the "living" when he appeared as dead. He came to give us life because we are dead. We may not think so, but we are.

It is this knowing that we are dead that drives us like madmen and women to prove we are not, by all of the exciting and sensual things to which we look for life. Jesus even said to the very pious and religious of his day, that they were "full of dead man's bones." Jesus came to resurrect us from the dead by bestwing upon us His Life in the Spirit. It is not magic, but grace. There is no other way to truly live but in Him.

Yes, in our dying state, we mourn for all of the things we once sought to give us life but now in a dying world are taken from us. We are so pitiful that when the final day of our "life" in this world appears our only hope is a better world like this one. A better world usually filled with the samemeans of death as this one. I mean life in more things or more people, but never in God. Dear ones find life in Christ, then all the things that brought death will be seen as gifts of God to a dying people, like flowers in at a funeral. But Life will always be in Jesus Christ.



Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 10 AM

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