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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Church and the Bible

An open letter to Protestants

This is a letter to any one of the Protestant faith who has thought to him/herself, "Is there a right understanding of the Bible."
Being tired of all of the confusion concerning what "the Bible says," by so many different interpretations, and being a true seeker after its genuine message, if you are one of these, I would invite you to study the history of Christianity.

You will find, if you study this history, that at the turn of the first century, a bishop of Antioch, where according to the Bible the first followers of Christ were called Christians, wrote some letters to many churches. In these letters one is able to clearly ascertain what the early Church believed. In them one finds that the Church believed and called Jesus Christ God.

In them one will find that the Church understood the bread and wine of communion to be communion in the actual Body and Blood of Christ. In these letters one also will find that the Church was present as a Church only when gathered around their bishop.

All of this the Church believed and practiced before the Bible writings were ever gathered together in one book. This Church is the Church that decided which writings that were to go into the Bible were genuine. They could do this because knew what the Apostles of Jesus Christ taught them.

The particular bishop mentioned above is Ignatius. He was a contemporary of another bishop, Polycarp, who was a disciple of the Apostle John. Most Protestants are taught that after the Scriptures were written the Church became corrupt and no longer followed the teachings of Christ.

The Orthodox Church has kept the Faith once and all handed down by the Apostles as taught them by our Lord Jesus Christ. I invite you to come and see. Partake of our worship service that is ancient if you wish to see how the first Christians worshiped



Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 10 AM

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