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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On the Great Lent

The Great and Holy Lent of the Apostolic Church

This is the most blessed time of the year for the Orthodox. All life in the Spring is ready to burst forth awaiting the call of our Lord. For the natural man Spring is simply the changing of the seasons, but for the spiritual man it is a manifestation of the power of the Lord to call out of the dead winter new life.

So it is in our lenten journey. We believe that in following Christ to his cross through fasting, prayer and alms giving our Lord will also call forth his new life of the resurrection in us. This way is not easy, but the Church has given us the bread of Christ to nourish us every Wednesday in the very beautiful and holy Presanctified Liturgy. And this Sunday we will have the beautiful service of the Adoration of the Holy Cross to turn our hearts to the suffering of Lent before spiritual rebirth in the glorious Pascha to come.
From the desk of Fr. Athanasius.


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Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 10 AM


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