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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Seeking the Truth

Christ The Light-giver
With so many Christian denominations in the world, and all, except those who have stopped believing, proclaim that they have the right understanding of the Scriptures. Yet, how can this be when each of them have a different understanding?
Usually a charismatic leader, reading the Scriptures for himself, leaves a particular denomination because he does not agree with their understanding of the "truth." He then persuades others that his particular understanding is the right one. Another group is then born proclaiming the interpretation of their leader as the truth.

Any reasonable person would come to the conclusion that there is no "right" understanding of the Scriptures. And also, if there is any truth from God it is that there are many truths. And these are left to the individual to find for himself. The larger mass of people that adhere to this individual truth the more reasonable it might seem that the truth they proclaim on a sliding scale is more true than the other truths.


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Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 10 AM


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